Ellie Judson. I won't write a big paragraph about myself because i'm not all that interesting.
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  • You: Hey
  • Me: Hi
  • You: How are you?
  • Me: How am I? It's been a year. I spent 12 months trying to figure out what I did wrong. I spent 12 fucking months trying to understand how you could love me one day and say you had absolutely no feelings for me the next. I spent my entire summer trying to get over you. Thinking this school year I would be okay, and if I saw you occasionally I wouldn't care. But fuck that I'm still thinking about you 24/7 because as much as I try to deny it you were and will always be my first love, but you will also always be my first heartbreak. You pretend you don't even know me and I am angry that you destroyed me like that. So after 12 months of constant torchure you come at me and say hey? No. Don't talk too me.

i know this is the 2nd reblogg but i <3 this 
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